Ricoh/Lanier understands your business is unique.  You serve a specific niche and engage with your customers in a specialized way. And like any other business, you need to address the growing number of mobile users you employ and serve.  Learn how mobile printing can address your business needs. View your market below to discover why Ricoh/Lanier HotSpot Printing is right for you.


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Ricoh/Lanier HotSpot: Mobile Printing Solutions scalable for your specific business needs. Ricoh/Lanier Mobile Printing Technology opens a whole new world of print options, by taking advantage of the fact that all devices connected to the cloud, whether company owned or personal are, in fact, connected to each other. Ricoh/Lanier HotSpot offerings allow you to easily print from any mobile platform connected to Wi-Fi or the Internet. Our idea's brilliance lies in its simplicity. It used the infrastructure you already have in place, or available in a plug and play device, so costs and set up time are minimal. Finally the future of printing has arrived.